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Introduction to Procurement - On Demand Training

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Procurement is an exciting industry with diverse prospects available across countless organizations. In this course, the aim is to introduce you to the procurement management and administration process. This course is intended to offer the right knowledge and skills essential to assisting with any procurement project or role.

Introduction to Procurement is the ultimate course for Procurement and Purchase Management for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students. Procurement is always an essential part of any business whether big or small. As procurement involves third parties and various punitive efforts, it turns out to be critical to avoid lapses in processes to ensure logistic success.

What you’ll Learn in This Introduction to Procurement Course

I. Introduction to Procurement Process.

1. What is procurement and purchasing

2. Types of procurement. Tasks for procurement in the companies

3. Competences are necessary for procurement and purchasing.

4. Role and influence of procurement function in the company

5. Different organizational structures from the procurement point of view

II. Introduction to Procurement Management

1. Procurement Cycle

2. Procurement management process

3. P2P process

4. Sourcing process

5. Performance and KPIs

III. Business needs and specification

1. What is the specification? Types of specifications

2. How to identify needs in procurement

3. Which instruments we use to identify needs

4. How to prepare a good specification

IV. Introduction of Category management in procurement

1. Basis of Category management in procurement.

2. 7 Stages of Category management

3. Michael Porter 5 Force’s

4. SWOT analysis

5. Categories Portfolio. Kraljic Matrix

6. Category Strategy development

V. Suppliers management & Development

1. Sourcing process. Stages of Sourcing

2. Suppliers Data management

3. Suppliers classification/segmentation

4. Suppliers evaluation and development

5. How to conduct evaluation meeting with suppliers

VI. Stakeholders management

1. Which functions/departments does procurement interact? Where should be the focus and how to build a relationship

2. Which instruments do improve relationship and communication between departments

3. Who is an “internal client”?

4. Mendelow’s Matrix. Key stakeholder's strategy relationship.

VII. Negotiation planning

1. Negotiation process

2. Negotiation secrets

3. Planning and preparation for a negotiation.

4. Characteristics of different negotiator personality features.

5. Manipulation and tricks. How to react to it?

VIII. Ethics in procurement and sustainability

1. What is ethical behavior in procurement?

2. Instruments which helps to improve ethics in procurement and decrease corruption

3. Sustainable procurement and Corporate social responsibility

4. Recommendations on how to implement these standards

What You’ll Get in This Course?

- Download 2 hours worth of video content 

- Download Original PowerPoint Presentation

Date & Time

Download On Demand now and finish it anytime! 

The lecture will be 2 hours including 15 minutes Q&A session.

What Will You Gain From This Course?

• Procurement Activities and Key Processes

• Able to understand what happens when you are buying and selling alongside its impact.

• How to manage suppliers better

• Analyze approaches to agreements negotiation with external parties

• Key ethical concepts in procurement


• A computer with an internet connection.

• The willingness to learn.

Who This Course is For

• Anyone wanting to learn about the Procurement Management

• Anyone looking to improve their current Procurement Process.

• Anyone who already knows about the Procurement Management and looking for a refresher course and/or expert tips and tricks

• Any business professional looking to find ways to meet their business strategy goals, while keeping their operational targets intact!

Certificate of Completion

SCMDOJO & IP-SM Certificate also provides a Certificate of Completion when Purchased.

About Instructor Maryna Trepova, MBA,

• Co-founder and CEO at IPSM - International Procurement & Supply Management

• Academic Leader of the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain) program in Ukraine.

• Procurement professional with 10+ years of experience.

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Introduction to Procurement - On Demand Training

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