Introduction to Category Management - On-Demand Course

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Procurement is an exciting industry with diverse prospects available across countless organizations. In this course, the aim is to introduce you to the Category Management and administration process. This course is intended to offer the right knowledge and skills essential to assisting with any procurement project or role.

Introduction to Category Management is the ultimate course for Procurement and Purchase Management for Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students. Category Management is always an essential part of any business whether big or small. As procurement involves third parties and various punitive efforts, it turns out to be critical to avoid lapses in processes to ensure logistic success.

What you’ll Learn in This Introduction to Category Management Course

  • What is the category management in procurement?
  • 7 steps of Category management
  • Peter Kraljic Matrix and Categories portfolio
  • Category team and cross-functional cooperation
  • Category strategies development. What is important?

What You’ll Get in This Course?

- 2 hrs 8 minutes worth of video content

- Original PowerPoint Presentation

On-Demand Download & Watch Any Time


  • A computer with an internet connection.
  • The willingness to learn.

What Will You Gain From This Course?

This extensive & thorough online instructor-led training class will teach and embed world-class category management content, from spend analysis to process overview, involvement and role of stakeholders, market analysis, strategy development to implementation and continuous improvement. 


• A computer with an internet connection.

• The willingness to learn.

Who This Course is For

• Anyone wanting to learn about the Category Management 

• Anyone looking to improve their current Category Management Process.

• Anyone who already knows about the Category Management and looking for a refresher course and/or expert tips and tricks

• Any business professional looking to find ways to meet their business strategy goals, while keeping their operational targets intact!

Certificate of Completion

SCMDOJO will provide a Certificate of Completion when Purchased. Please provide your full name to 

About Instructor Maryna Trepova, MBA,

• Co-founder and CEO at IPSM - International Procurement & Supply Management

• Academic Leader of the CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain) program in Ukraine.

• Procurement professional with 10+ years of experience.

Zoom Details

Once purchased, you will find Zoom Login details for the course in the receipt. And Also in the attached Word and PDF document. 

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Testimonials – Introduction to Procurement


I was very pleased with this course because of the following:

1. It was very informative, as a procurement manager, I received a lot of important news;

2. The timing was perfect, as I was involved in the course without any distractions. In other courses that I attend, they're mostly too long and I'm unable to concentrate.

3. The way Maryna communicated with the audience was very satisfying. She was open for any comments and ready to answer all questions.

4. Technically, everything was very well organized.

One thing that would be nice to take in consideration is that Maryna covered a lot of topics.

I'd be very happy if you do the mini-courses which will analyze each topic thoroughly with real life examples and etc.

Catherine Kim - Australia

Thank you for a well-presented course which was informative and enjoyable. Maryna was a good and engaging presenter with you as a moderator monitoring the chats and answering the questions. Looking forward to more courses.

Priya Badnaware – India

This course was very informative for me to easily understood and remember the whole concept and each & every steps of Procurement. I would like to attend more course in Procurement and Sourcing over here.

Abdelrahman Hesham - Egypt

The training was enjoyable and covered all aspects/functions of procurement. A future recommendation would be to add more practical examples and real-life scenarios to further enhance our understanding. I think creating separate training sessions on each procurement aspect would be preferable to get in-depth and fully understand in detail each procurement aspect such as supplier negotiation, sourcing, etc.

Maxamed Siciid Maxamed - Somalia

I would like to say that the led Training for introduction to procurement was very interesting course and we get more knowledge that we can enhance our Business process about supply chain.

My suggestion is to get another course related to supply chain especially Negotiation and Contract Management

Thank you indeed

I want this!
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Introduction to Category Management - On-Demand Course

2 ratings
I want this!