The Complete Guide to Plan-For-Every-Part (PFEP)

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PFEP – Plan For Every Part: an acronym is originating from the Lean Community. The PFEP is used to define a plan (at part level) for the most efficient replenishment and movement of each and every part used in business through the complete Supply/Value Chain.

I have used the PFEP concept during my days as Manufacturing Plant Supply Chain Manager and have reaped many benefits in terms of:

1) Finding the right planning policy depends on stocking policy

2) Level load production plan, as a results better efficiency

3) The end result of improved On-Time Delivery Performance & Reduction of Inventory.

This practical guide aims to help you understanding PFEP concept, outline steps of implementation, explain the benefits, and also challenges you might face during implementation. It also includes an example as well. 

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The Complete Guide to Plan-For-Every-Part (PFEP)

3 ratings
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