Must know Metrics for Supply Chain Professionals

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There is a famous saying “What gets measured gets done.” This also applies to the supply chain. If you want to improve supply chain performance and your customer service to customers to grow business, measuring supply chain performance is imperative.

If you don’t have a robust KPI, then how do you know things are going wrong? Or are they on the right track?

Therefore, In today's world, to ensure supply chain management is a key strategic factor for increasing organizational effectiveness and for better realization of organizational goals such as enhanced competitiveness, better customer care, and increased profitability, measuring supply chain performance is a must.

What you'll Learn in This Course

  1. Framework for Measuring Performance

  2. Financial Measures Of Performance

  3. Operational Measures of Performance

  4. Measuring Product & Service Availability

  5. Customer Satisfaction and Retention

  6. Reporting metrics

What You’ll Get in This Course?


  • A computer with an internet connection.

  • The willingness to learn.

Who This Course is For

This course is for the ones who are working in Supply Chain, Logistics and Procurement function. This course will help you gain knowledge about Supply Chain Performance Management in-depth knowledge content, covering interesting topics the instructor of this course has kept this course very practical along with textbook definitions and relevant theory.

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Must know Metrics for Supply Chain Professionals

0 ratings